A friend of mine meditates when she goes fishing early in the morning: she sits for hours in silent contemplation of the waves, watching the colors and the shimmering reflections of the light. When she goes home, her mind is peaceful, empty, refreshed ...

Meditation is easeful when you actively turn your attention within, looking for peace and relaxation.

What do you do to recharge yourself?

What do you do to recharge yourself during your day? Some people use to take a snap after lunch, the famous Italian pennichella or the Mexican siesta. Others take a short walk or a nice capuccino... A very portable and sure means to refresh yourself is focusing on the breath, allowing the breath to expand. Of course it is even better if you can do this in nature, doing some refreshing stretches or walking briskly. Yet, you'll be surprised how energized you feel after just a few minutes of natural conscious breathing... better than a tonic drink!