Natural  and  Easeful    Meditation

The Mind is a Lake of Pure Consciousness

 A guided meditation

March 2020 - 

Welcome to this meditation session on the mind like a lake of pure consciousness!

Meditation is of great help in keeping the mind calm and clear. It is especially useful when so many things happen around you that you can't control,  whenever you feel stressed, exhausted or anxious. It happens now more than ever, since the pandemic spread around the world!

The purpose of meditation is to still the mind, to calm the waves of feelings and thoughts that cloud our awareness.

The famous yoga teacher Iyengar uses a beautiful image to describe the pure mind. Iyengar says:

"The pure waters of a lake reflect the beauty that surrounds it, but they also allow us to see the depths of the lake itself. Likewise, a pure mind can reflect the beauty present in the external world and, when it is calm, let beauty be seen of the Self, of the soul, inside. But we all know what stagnation and pollution of water can cause a lake. As we must keep the lake water clean, so the task of Yoga is to purify and calm the waves of thought that disturb our awareness. "

Click on the audio file below and come and meditate with me on the shores of this beautiful transparent lake, surrounded by pristine mountains.

A friend of mine meditates when she goes fishing early in the morning: she sits for hours in silent contemplation of the waves, watching the changing colors and the shimmering reflections of light. When she goes home, her mind is peaceful, empty, refreshed ...

Meditation is a natural state, available to you when you walk in nature, when you sit quietly by the river bank, watching the birds fly and the water flow by.  When you allow your mind to turn within, meditation happens easefully. 

Walk along the river, come and sit for meditation. As you listen to the sounds and watch the water flow, your mind turns within, to the peaceful space within you. 

Touching the Fullness of the Heart is the goal of this meditation course starting on April 29, 2019. 

The title of this course reveals the goal:  refreshing yourself in the peace, wisdom and love that is available within each one of us. 

The famous text Yoga Sutra of Patanjali begins with the aphorism:  Atha yoga-anuśāsanam : Yoga is here and now. this encapsulates the essence of yoga: instead of thinking about the past or the future, or getting lost in the twisting paths of our ever-changing thoughts and emotions, we are invited to be present, here and now, with what is within us and around us in this very moment. And observe, watch everything with patience. Pure presence, and acceptance of what is, without trying to change things. And then, magically, everything SHIFTS! 

This course is held by Velleda Dobrowolny twice a month, on Fridays 6-8 pm. For information please contact:

The meditation taught by Velleda Dobrowolny in her self-awareness courses takes you to a state of peaceful presence. With the help of nature and visualization you can easily enter a state of quietness and expanded awareness. 

Try it now. Sit for 5 minutes in a peaceful place, and turn your attention within.

Begin to follow the rhythm of your breath coming in and going out. As you do this, let go of any thoughts... 

Let any worries for the future dissolve in the soothing rhythm of your breath. 

Let go of past experiences, memories, thoughts...  

Let your mind rest for a moment, focusing fully on the breathing. 

The breath is ever present, ever new, ever close to you.  It flows constantly,  like a steady river of fresh air....

Let the breath take you deeper within.

Rest in the movement of your breath. 

 meditation can be dynamic

As you well know, body and mind are interconnected, they are one synergic unit. When you turn your attention to the sensations in your body, and begin to listen to your breath, to flow with your breath, you discover you can meditate even in the midst of actions, when you move, when you work and interact with others. As you continue to watch yourself, every sensation takes you deeper, every movement is meditation, every gesture is honoring the connection of mind and heart. 

Let the Breath Carry You Within

with easeful meditation

It is wonderful to watch a surfer riding the ocen waves. He seems suspended, effortlessly balanced on the huge wave, letting the current carry him.  He does not force anything, he doesn't try to change the flow, he follows it, rides it, adapting himself with flexibility to the movement and momentum of the wave. 

In the same way, when you follow your breath in meditation, don't try to change it. Just follow it, wherever it goes. 

Feel the breath flowing freely within you. 

Follow its flow with serenity. 

Let yourself be transported deeper within you by your breath. 


Elisabeth Ixmeier, phd

CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Healing Hotels of the World, Germany

"I hardly know anybody who has such a sensitive, intuitive and fast ability to understand the sensitivities, situation and needs of other people. Her understanding is rooted in the highest values and comes from a deep inner space of steadiness and balance. Her wisdom and experience makes her a profound teacher of meditation."

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