Coaching during the pandemic

Explore how Coaching can bring serenity, strength and ease in a challenging time    

March 2020 - In this extraordinary global pandemic time that has changed our life, it is natural to feel stressed or anxious, while we put in efforts to be patient and take care of ourselves and our lives.

I invite you to participate in a free 30 min. coaching session so I can help you to face the situation in a more easeful way, to gain serenity and trust. This will enable you to direct your energy in a productive sense.

Through talking and engaging in some reflections you'll be able to shift from feeling at the mercy of events, and recognize that this apparent passivity can turn into a very active, noble and cohesive attitude and, therefore, powerful.

As the seedling under the snow prepares its development, its transformation, that will happen as soon as the sun melts the snow, in the same way we can collaborate with the positive forces that are at work right now to transform a sterile and boring period into a fruitful and evolutionary phase for ourselves and for our world.

How can we do it?

One way recommended by the great sages is to formulate your intention. The first step is to clarify what is your highest aspiration ? How would you like to use this time that is in your hands now? Maybe you would like to accomplish something that is dear to your heart, that you may have never allowed yourself to experience and enjoy fully.

This is just the beginning of a very fruitful journey! 

If you want to fix a date to talk, you can clic on the contact button and call me! I will be happy for the opportunity to be your coach! 


What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship that supports you to create positive change within yourself and in your life and work situations so you can reach concrete results and fulfil your highest aspirations. Your Coach will support you in any way you need to tap into your innate wisdom and power so you can develop your potential skills and talents fully. 

There is an absolutely peer relationship between coach and client, a real partnership where solutions emerge spontaneously from the client. The Coach's role is to inspire the clients reflection with appropriate questions, supporting them to connect deeply with themselves, to open to new visions, to identify the key points of a problem, to recognize their own values, qualities and resources. I love to remember the philosopher Joseph Campbell's words: 

"The opportunities to discover profound powers within ourselves come when life seems to be more challenging."

Easeful coaching can help you to:

  • bring meaningful changes in your life and work.
  • face unexpected events with greater ease, understanding & strength.
  • expand the awareness of yourself and your resources.
  • overcome obstacles to your happiness.
  • explore new exciting visions and possibilities.

I will be happy to support you as your coach! 


Silvia Pertot

Hygienist, Trieste

"The coaching experience with Velleda allowed me to see myself from within as I had never done before. You can see yourself from a new perspective that allows for opening and transformation both on the relational emotional side and in terms of work objectives. I would advise everyone to do it, also whoever thinks they do not need it! "

dr. Elisabetta Venuti

Translator, Trieste

"The coaching experience was very pleasant because I was led towards the answer, that comes on its own. I focused on the question and, without going around it, and without forcing anything either, I dealt with it. The indications are useful to stay focused. In the end I got to a point that I perceved totally as my own result."

Elisabeth Ixmeier, phd

CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Healing Hotels of the World, Germany

"I hardly know anybody who has such a sensitive, intuitive and fast ability to understand the sensitivities, situation and needs of other people. I completely trust Velleda's intuition and even more her coaching and creative approach to solve life situations as well as professional challenges. Her understanding is rooted in the highest values and comes from a deep inner space of steadiness and balance."